things i love

Being married is truly the biggest blessing I've been given. I absolutely adore getting to wake up & work side by side with this handsome guy every. single. day. 

The wife life!

Can I get an amen? Blush pink & floral all day every day! Garden roses have my heart. I grow them in our little garden & they come into bloom just in time for Mother's Day every year! 

Garden roses!

Ain't no hood like motherhood...haha! Seriously though, being a momma is an incredible blessing. My little girls are just 14 months apart, which means they are built-in best friends for life! They are such a joy.

Being a momma!

All my life I've gotten the response, 
"WHAT?! You don't like coffee?!" 
That's right, friends. I do, however, LOVE a nice warm cup of hot cocoa! (with extra whipped cream, of course!)

Hot cocoa!

When I was young, I wanted to be a vet...that is, until I realized that it comes with more than just petting puppies all day! Haha! We live out on a quiet piece of land with two sweet pups, a kitty, and 5 chickens!


meet the team


Alyssa is our lovely associate photographer here at Petite Fleur Studios. In the industry since 2012, Alyssa specializes in capturing candid moments through the lens: the raw emotions, the love, the laughter, the relationships. Aside from photography, she loves spending time with her husband & sweet baby boy, working on interior design projects around her (gorgeous!) Victorian home, & raising pygmy goats!

Elaina is our newest addition to the Petite Fleur Studios team. She's the part-time assistant to Elizabeth, and sweet as can be! You may find her helping out with equipment & ensuring everything is right on schedule on any given wedding day! Elaina is currently in school working on her Bachelor's degree, but you may also find her playing her fiddle, taking a road trip to Colorado, or watching (or even chasing!) a storm!

George is best known as Elizabeth's other half; her incredible husband! Having completed his Master's degree, he made the choice to quit his day job in 2017 and join the team full-time! George is a man of many talents; he handles sales, cinematography, & second shooting here at Petite Fleur Studios. On any given day, you may find him beatboxing, speaking in a British accent, or doing a crossword puzzle!



love letters

"The best decision we made for our entire wedding was hiring Elizabeth as our photographer! If I could recommend one wedding vendor to anyone getting married, it would be these lovely people."     

"Hands down: Petite Fleur Studios is the best of the best of the best, and I couldn't imagine going through this process with anyone else but them. It's the best decision you'll make."

"If you're considering Petite Fleur Studios, I could not recommend a better photographer. She genuinely cares for all her clients, and ensures that everyone she works with are happy and taken care of."

"Petite Fleur Studios is amazing! Elizabeth is a true artist, & by far the best photographer in the greater St. Louis area."