I'm a fine art photographer based in St. Louis, Missouri. After 7+ years in the industry and 100+ weddings, I love my craft more today than ever! I consider it a blessing and an honor that I get to create timeless images that my clients and their families will cherish for generations. Aside from my time behind the lens, I am a wife to my rock & better half, mama to two sweet little ladies, and teacher to my fellow photographers. I am so excited to work with you! 

Hi, i'm elizabeth. 

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When I capture an image, I focus on the feeling behind each moment. My passion is driven by the organic, devout love that radiates from within. I want to capture the sweet, natural moments between your loved ones that you'll want to cherish forever. 



I absolutely adore being able to capture the true emotion found between two souls in love. My style typically attracts the client that loves lace, tulle, and chiffon, luscious and untamed florals, & a soft and creamy palette of pastels and neutrals with little pops of color here and there. The client that pays attention to details, infuses their personality into their session, and loves to smile. I am very passionate about connecting with my clients. By connecting on a personal level, it allows me to truly tell your story. When you are comfortable, the emotional walls come down, allowing me to then capture the real you. 


I have found over the years that it is impossible to do this without making sure that my clients are the perfect fit, so you can receive the product you're really desiring in your images. I would love to chat with you more about your vision. I only take on a limited amount of weddings and portrait sessions per year, and our popular months book up very quickly. Please contact us for more details on our pricing and packages. I cannot wait to chat with you about your beautiful session! 

-Elizabeth of Petite Fleur Studios


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